Terms & Conditions

Cancellation or Changes to orders

If you choose to cancel your order this will mean you will lose your 50% deposit, however the other 50% you have paid will be refunded. Deposits cannot be transferred to book on other dates.

Changes to orders may incur charges. Changes cannot be made to orders less than 2 weeks from the collection date. Orders made via our online shop come under the same cancellation terms.

If you cancel ANY order within 72hrs of the collection/delivery date you will NOT be entitled to a refund and your order will still be completed as normal.

If we have to cancel your order for any reason, we will let you know ASAP and a full refund will be provided.


Upon collection or delivery please take a look at your order to check for any damage or anything you are unhappy with. We cannot take responsibility for any damage caused after the order is taken away from TCS. We will always take a picture of the cake if the customer is not present to view it.


Storage & Use By

Please store Celebration cakes in the fridge if possible, take out the fridge at least an hour before eating. On warmer days, we’d suggest leaving in the fridge for as long as possible. Celebration Cakes will keep up to 4-5 days after collection

Cupcakes will keep best out of the fridge and are best eaten on day of collection however will last up to 2 days after collection kept out of the fridge.

All products come with an information card which gives all the info you should need.


Orders must be collected within the specified collection times or shop opening hours. We cannot guarantee we will be able to be there for you to collect out with these times.

Submitting an order form

Deliveries will be made within the time frame stated unless otherwise organised. 

Please note that your date or order is NOT confirmed until you have paid your invoice in full. The order form does not confirm we are available for the date you choose but allows us to reply to you by email to confirm your order, or also in the same way allows us to let you know that we are unfortunately already full for the chosen date.

If you fail to collect your item within the specified time or are not available for delivery when it is attempted. We will try our best to arrange a suitable time or day to re deliver however, this may incur a re-delivery charge. Collection re arrangement will depend on our schedule.

Thank you

The Cupcake Stop x