We're "The Cupcake Stop"

Hey, Jemma here!

I thought I'd do a little post just to introduce ourselves. My tiny little business that started from the house has reached more people than I could have ever imagined in the last wee while so I thought it was only right I give you all the run down on who we all are and what we all do!

Sooo...I'm Jemma, I'm the "Boss" (that word makes me cringe) I am also head decorator and cake creator. I started making cakes from my mums kitchen when I was quite young, then I got moved out to the garden to 'the cake cabin' because I was taking over the kitchen...and NOW I am in the shop in cove because the cabin was bursting at the seams. I'm 22, still 'studying' Hospitality Management at RGU and my business has grown really quickly and naturally but way more than I ever could have wished for or expected....The shop like everything else in my life was not really planned but it's turned out pretty well so far!! Everything is a wing it sort of situation in my life...not sure if that's necessarily a good thing but it is a thing haha!

Luckily when I decided to open the shop my two fave people agreed to work with me! My mum AKA Little Jacks and Yvonne....

Little Jacks

She's tiny, 4ft 8 to be exact. She is head baker - and also my mum, so basically she thinks she's the boss but she's not..LOL. She bakes everything and I decorate it so we work really well together and I can obviously trust her with my life so that helps! You'll usually catch little jacks with a pair of glasses on her head and a pair on her face asking a silly question...but that's why we love her!


I would describe Yvonne as THE CUPCAKE STOP. Without Yvonne we could not function, well...I wouldn't function. She is my 2nd brain because my one is at full capacity (not ideal when I'm only 22 but nevermind) She answers all the emails, makes all the toppers, does lots of the dishes, makes the coffees AND now she's getting into baking too! She made her first cookie cake last week #impressive. She's ESSENTIAL and we love her!

We're such a close and tiny team so it does make it harder to keep up but also makes it lots of fun. If you ever find the 3 of us together...we'll probably be cry laughing because that's just how we roll!

Hope that helped you get to know us!

Thanks for reading...hope you're all surving lockdown number 1000987483! See you all soon!

Lots of Love

Jemma & the team

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